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Three Triangle 3DP Store shopping and e-commerce privacy provisions:

In order to safeguard the interests of your purchase, please be sure to read the following terms; if you are willing to become members of the Three Triangle 3DP Store websites and identified at the checkout, is deemed to be aware of, and agree to the terms of all conventions, the purpose established by the terms of this agreement, is to www.three-triangle.com website (hereinafter referred to as this website) And all in this station for online consumption of registered member of interests (following referred to Member), this agreed terms of agreed following:

A) Personal information of security

1. For completed trading, contains financial flows and logistics etc, in this station for online consumption of Member, must guarantee by retained of data and facts match, if afterwards has change, should real-time in online update personal information or to E-MAIL notification Three Triangle 3DP Store of customer service center.

2. With respect to data retained by the Member, is committed to doing the duty of confidentiality, in addition to completing the deal provided for the relevant goods or services provide a manufacturers or cooperate with outside manufacturers, not any disclosed or provided to third parties.

3. Members of its personal data, payment data (including credit card information) and Member's password and so on, should take care to avoid leaks. All uses of their behavior after the user name and password to enter the system, are regarded as acts of the password and account holders.

B) Online consumer

1. All spending by online on this site, unless the site expressly for the seller, or the goods or services are still provided by the manufacturer of the goods or services sold or provided by trading exists between manufacturers and members; this site offers a trading platform and payment mechanisms.

2. Quality, warranty and after-sales service of goods or services, provided by the manufacturer of the goods or services are responsible for, but this site promises to help members resolve for online consumption arising from doubts or controversy.

3. Membership once the site for online consumption, that you will purchase the product and is willing to comply with trading rules. Membership data (such as your address, phone, email) when subject to change, should be immediately launched to amend the retention of data, inconsistent data and not be on the ground, denying its order or refusal to pay. This site does retain the right to accept orders or not.

4. All spending by online on this site, members should agree to electronic data records site shall prevail, subject to dispute, and the electronic transaction data as standard. Member if found incorrect data, shall immediately notify the customer service center.

5. This website may contain many links, all the information on these linked Web sites or Web pages, are provided by the linked site, this site does not guarantee the correctness, reliability or timeliness of the content.

C) The system security

1. This system does not guarantee member data uploaded will be displayed correctly, also does not guarantee the correctness of the data if members found this system there is an error or omission, please immediately contact our customer service centre.

2. The system will periodically back up your data, but unless the system has intentionally or through gross negligence, members should agree to the system without the error failed to delete data or backup storage of data is responsible for it.

D) Terms and modifications

1. Subject to these terms of use, membership and should follow this site for online purchases or exchanges of other relevant schemes and instructions.

2. This site reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time, the revised terms of use will be posted on this Web site, without notice to the individual members. Members should agree to abide by the revised terms.

E) Payment & Return

1. Payment is accepted via PayPal only. If for school, organisations or businesses requiring a purchase order please contact us.

2. Items can be returned for exchange within 30 days from the date you receive your merchandise. We are not responsible for any purchase after a 30-day period.

3. Return shipping is the responsibility of buyer.

4. If you have a problem with your order please contact us first. We are always willing to work things out.

F) The applicable law and jurisdiction

1. Affiliate agrees to the terms and all online purchases or transactions conducted by this site are based on Hong Kong law as the applicable law.

2. By the terms of the dispute, in a Hong Kong Court for the jurisdiction of the Court of first instance.

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