100k Thermistor
US$1.89 US$0.90
ABS Filament
US$23.00 US$13.00
Bearing 608ZZ
US$1.07 US$0.90
Bed Heater
US$17.79 US$8.90
E3D V6 Hot End
US$32.00 US$12.00
Endstop switch
US$1.49 US$1.40

Kossel XL

All DIY parts are base on Kossel design and modify.

Printable area : 190 x 190 x 360mm


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360W Power Supply
This power supply is used with RepRap, Mendel, MendelMax, Delta, Kossel, etc... 3D printers. O..
Carbon Push Rod Set  (Set of 6)
Product Description The well component for smooth motion, a carbon fibre not only light weight an..
Stepper motor
Product Description The standard motor for most 3D printers including our model. Rated Voltage..
E3D Hot End
Product Description A hot end for 1.75mm filament with a 0.2mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, or 0.5mm nozzle(pl..
100k Thermistor
Product Description 3950 100K thermistor -40 to 270 deg C Size - 1.2 mm diameter Leads l..
US$1.89 US$0.90
Endstop microswitch
Product Description For all types of printers. 3 pcs for endstop of each printer. ..
Slotted optical switch
Product Description For all types of printers. Lifetime is higher than mechanical type.  ..
J-Head Hot End MKV
Product Description A hot end kit for 1.75mm filament with a 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, and 0.5mm..
J-Head MKV
Product Description J-Head MKV machined hot-end designed to easily interface with the most popula..
J-Head Nozzle
Product Description Aluminum block for MK7, MK8, nozzle best for 1.75mm filament, hole ..
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