Kossel mini Machine

Kossel mini Machine

Kossel mini-generation of pioneering work and create high-quality, reliable 3D printer for everyone.

For schools which makes it easy for teachers to catching the interest of their students in class. Are you a teacher or educator? Looking to get 3D printing into your classroom?

For personal creations, repeated modifications to works, you can use the shortest and effectiveness of time know that works in real time, 3d printing machine has their wonderful function.

This 3D printer setting and calibration are assembled from our shop, here in Hong Kong. We design our machines can print with ABS, PLA and many other materials! You do not need to buy a special edition machine, or add aftermarket components. From the moment you open the box, only minimal adjustments and setup, you will be ready to be printed at any time.

Since the this 3D printer is based on popular Kossel 3D printer, you can easily upgrade your machine.


QUESTIONS? Please email sale@three-triangle.com


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Kossel mini
What's our machine feature ? Over 3000 CC of build volume (140 Diameter by 200 height) Slidi..
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