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PVA Filament

PVA Filament
PVA Filament PVA Filament
Product Code: FMC-007
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PVA (Dissolvable in water Polyvinyl alcohol) filament, weight 0.5 kg

PVA filament is a cold water soluble 3D printer filament. This unique characteristic of PVA (totally dissolving in water) makes PVA filament extremely suitable as support material for complex ABS or PLA structures using FDM or FFF desktop 3D printing.
If your 3D printer has a dual extruder, you can print with ABS/PLA and PVA to build structures which are impossible to make without support material.
When your print is done, just give it a nice bath in cold or warm water and let the PVA dissolve.

Size: 1.75mm
Excellent film formation
High bonding power
Good barrier properties
Non toxic
Extruder temp : 190-210°C

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