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100k Thermistor
Product Description 3950 100K thermistor -40 to 270 deg C Size - 1.2 mm diameter Leads l..
US$1.89 US$0.88
J-Head MKV
Product Description J-Head MKV machined hot-end designed to easily interface with the most popula..
Ceramic Cartridge Wire Heater
This heater works on 12V and has 40 W power, useable for every standard extruder of a most printers ..
US$2.10 US$1.99
PTFE Tube for 1.75mm filament
Product Description This is used to guide the filament from the extruder to the hotend. Slippery ..
High Precision NPN Inductive Proximity Sensor
Metal shell, DC type, 4mm detecting distance, 3 wire system. Power supply inverted connecting protec..
E3D V6 Hot End
Specifications: RepRap 3D printer extruder hotend compatible with E3D V6 1.75mm / 0.3, 0.4, 0...
US$22.00 US$11.50
Wires Split Loom
Product Description Organize Wires Outside Diameter: 6 mm Price at 3 meters long ..
US$2.30 US$1.80
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