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Stepper motor
Product Description The standard motor for most 3D printers including our model. Rated Voltage..
US$16.20 US$9.90
Bed Heater
Product Description  Kapton bed heater with a 160 mm diameter. 12V, 120W, wires are 1 meter ..
US$17.79 US$8.90
100k Thermistor
Product Description 3950 100K thermistor -40 to 270 deg C Size - 1.2 mm diameter Leads l..
US$1.89 US$0.90
Slotted optical switch
Product Description For all types of printers. Lifetime is higher than mechanical type.  ..
US$3.20 US$1.31
Ceramic Cartridge Wire Heater
This heater works on 12V and has 40 W power, useable for every standard extruder of a most printers ..
US$1.49 US$2.20
Endstop switch
Another style endstop switch which for different type 3D printer machine design. Product Descript..
US$1.49 US$1.40
GT2 Belt
Product Description Width = 6mm Pitch = 2mm The GT2 belt + pulley combination is the best sol..
US$3.20 US$1.80
GT2 Pulley
Product Description Belt Width = 6mm Pitch = 2mm Teeth = 20 The GT2 belt + pulley combinatio..
US$4.00 US$1.22
Bearing 608ZZ
Product Description Diameter=22mm Hole=8mm Thickness=7mm **Usually used for extruders like A..
US$1.07 US$0.90
Extruder Spur Gear
Product Description Copper, with 26, 34 or 40 sharp teeth Outer Diameter = 11 mm Bore Di..
US$5.59 US$1.99
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